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Megiddo School: is a training camp led by Prophet Vincent Selvakumar pioneered as Megiddo in the year 2012 ,2013,2014,2015,2016 & 2017, in the past many years prior to 2012 he led a massive crowd towards God and few of the training camps were called End Time prophetic youth and Elisha’s Roar in different states and nations equipping young people the end time Generation in the prophetic word and experience and not only with that but also in heavenly realms, signs miracles & wonders. For the end time generation in developing intimate walk with God and to be prepared by Him for the Armageddon Battle standing Beside Him. Armageddon (from Ancient Greek: Ἁρμαγεδών Harmagedōn, LateLatin: Armagedōn) will be, according to the Book Of Revelation, the site of a battle during the End Times, variously interpreted as either a literal or symbolic location.

The word “Armageddon” appears only once in the New Testament, in Revelation 16:16 And they gathered them together to the place called ARMAGEDDON. The word may come from Hebrew har məgiddô (הר מגידו), meaning “Mountain of Megiddo”. “Mount Megiddo” is not actually a mountain, but a tell (a hill created by many generations of people living and rebuilding on the same spot) on which ancient forts were built to guard the Via Maris, an ancient trade route linking Egypt with the northern empires of Syria, Anatolia and Mesopotamia. Megiddo was the location of various ancient battles, including one in the 15th century BC and one in 609 BC. Modern Megiddo is a town approximately 25 miles (40 km) west-southwest of the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee in the Kishon River area. According to one premillennial Christian interpretation, the Messiah will return to earth and defeat the Antichrist, The Beast and Satan the Devil in the Battle of Armageddon. with the chosen generation.

You are the promised people of God. You are not only the children of promise, but you yourself are the fulfilment of the promise of God. Heaven has been waiting anxiously for your arrival. The reason for this is because you are going to fulfill the End-Time plan of God. The things begun from the time of our forefathers, through the times of the prophets of God, the Lord Jesus and then through the apostles, God is going to bring to completion now through you. Therefore, you all are special in the eyes of God. That is why I said that, ‘You are the promised people of God.’ Heaven and the angels of God have been anxiously waiting for this promise to be fulfilled during this period of time. It is crucial, then, for us to be led by the Spirit of God, and to make our heart one and align it with the plans and purposes of God for our life. If there is one thing I have learned in my spiritual life and spiritual walk is that first we need to know who we are in the Lord. This is in particular most important to those who are serving the Lord. Most of you do not know who you are. Only if you know who you are, you can fulfill the will of God. Meggido is one of the training schools where God will equipe you to know who you are and to do His will.

God has reserved another new anointing. This anointing will be distinct and different from the New Testament anointing. Although the End-Times seem to be just the conclusion of the Church Age, yet the anointing released for this time will be different and unique compared with that of the Church Age. God has reserved a Third Anointing for His people. The first anointing is the Old Testament anointing; the second anointing was for the Church Age; and the third anointing is for the End-Times. We are going to enter into a new dimension of the anointing of God. Not like what our forefathers had done. Not like what the apostles had done. We have been called to do a new work, and God has a special anointing for us for that work.

The Bible tells us that the End-Time ministry is a prophetic ministry (Joel 2:28-30). The New Testament ministry was the five-fold ministry (Eph 4:11). But the last days End-Times ministry is a prophetic ministry. God desires to anoint every one as His prophets in these last days. Why does the Lord want to anoint everyone as prophets? Before the Lord Jesus first came to this world, He needed a prophet to prepare the way (Isa 40:3-5; Mal 3:1). The Prophet John the Baptist showed up, and identified to the world who the Messiah is; he introduced the Lord Jesus to the world (Jn 1:29-34). So God considered him to be a very specially anointed prophet of God. This is a spiritual law – before the Lord comes down to this world, the work of announcing and preparing for His coming is only given to a prophet. God needs a huge company of prophets to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. From now onwards every minister of God must prophesy. ‘I will pour out My Spirit upon My servants and the handmaidens, and they shall prophesy’ (Acts 2:18, KJV). If we read this scripture carefully, he does not talk about anything else except the prophetic anointing.

God needs prophets! You may be pastor but you have to be a prophetic pastor. You may be an evangelist but you have to be a prophetic evangelist. The reason is because God needs a huge company of prophets to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. He needs a huge company ofprophets. I feel deep in my spirit that it is the will of God that every one of you should become a prophet. God has given to every one of you a prophetic ministry.

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